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Editor-in-Chief | RJ Allen | Twitter

RJ has been covering women’s soccer since 2016. She is currently the Editor-In-Chief of Backline Soccer and co-host of The 123rd Minute Podcast, the Attacking Half Podcast and The Best We Know Podcast. Outside of soccer she is a diehard Boston Red Sox and Green Bay Packer fan. 


Managing Editor | Charles Olney | Twitter

Assistant Professor of Political Science at UT Rio Grande Valley. Contributor at Backline Soccer since 2017. Based in Brownsville, Texas, but pretty regularly on the move to some place or another. Just as happy covering the NWSL, the Damallsvenskan, or  the Guatemala U20s - there's a story anywhere if you look for it.



Social Media Strategist | Rachel Calkins | Twitter


Social Media Strategist | Dante’y Buitureida | Twitter

Dante’y, pronounced dawn-tay. She/her pronouns, Hispanic, lover of Harry Potter and dogs. She has been photographing women soccer professionally for 4 years. She has received FIFA, CONCACAF, and U.S. Soccer credentials. She currently reside in Portland. Her favorite teams are Thorns FC and Manchester City.



Editor | Adrienne Tucker | Twitter


Editor | Jen Garrett-Ostermiller | Twitter

A life-long nerd, I got to college and realized I never had to leave - people work at these places! My day job is in faculty development at the University of Vermont; my passion job-on-the-side is teaching at the Community College of Vermont. Personal interests beyond women’s soccer include anti-oppression work, hiking, camping, reading, board games, and travel. She/her pronouns.


Editor | Kat Farris | Twitter


Editor | Katey Orr | Twitter


Editor | Laura Rudeen | Twitter


Editor Virginia Johnson | Twitter

Been a reporter, editor, preschool teacher and always a sports fan. I live in North Carolina, and my teams are UNC, the Orlando Pride and the Courage.



Senior Contributor Allison Cary | Twitter

Allison has been a contributor for Backline Soccer since 2017. She is particularly interested in human interest stories and exploring the overlap between sports and human rights. Other than sports, Allison is interested in Disney, television history, foreign policy, environmental issues, and criminal legal reform. You can also read her work at FanSided.com. Allison uses the pronouns: She/Her


Senior Contributor Anthony J Merced | Twitter

Anthony Merced is a filmmaker, writer and journalist with almost 10 years of experience covering New York and international soccer. 


Senior Contributor Brianna LeBlanc | Twitter

Bri is a writer for Backline Soccer. She has been following the soccer scene since 2011 and never looked back. She love upsets more than anything. Currently she lives in Texas with her family.


Senior Contributor Luis Hernandez | Twitter


Contributor Bill Blatchley | Twitter

Lifelong lover of sports, soccer was Bill’s first passion and consumed his life through college. Now working in marketing, Bill looks to connect with his love for the game through weekly pickup, writing, and attending all the games NYC has to offer. When not on the field, Bill is either cooking, playing bird games, or napping with his pup, Nigel. 

Contributor Ian Knighton | Twitter


Contributor Nikki Flores |

Teacher by day, supporter of women’s soccer by... never mind, that’s 24/7, potentially, because time zones. Everything I do is for fun, because life really is short, and I refuse to be unhappy.  Amateur photographer / writer / camper / kayaker / therapist / parent / chef. 


Contributor Russell MacKay |

Russell is a sometimes writer, therapist, and nature lover. Usually working, reading, exploring, or hanging with his 4 pawed personal therapists. He loves the beautiful game and all the crazy unexpected outcomes a match and a season bring.

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