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10 Soccer Players You Should (Already) Be Following on Social Media

Since quarantine went into effect and the NWSL season is forsaken for the time being, soccer players now have unlimited time to spend with their family or loved ones until given all the clear. And for some of those players, that means keeping their adoring fans entertained through social media. Here's my list of ten players you NEED to be following on Instagram (or TikTok, if you're into that sort of thing.)


1. Pernille Harder

The Danish superstar is currently spending quality time with her girlfriend Magdalena Eriksson (see below) and documenting their lives together on Instagram. This ranges from having a truly adorable Q&A session, to challenging each other on video games, to Harder defending her lack of cooking skills.

2. Magdalena Eriksson

This Swedish midfielder has been wildly entertaining me for the last week with her Instagram stories that show a different side to Harder. From allowing her to smear foundation across her forehead Simba style, to showing how good she is at slicing broccoli, these two kids show how fun quarantining can be when you can actually stand the person you're dating.

3. Steph Labbé

You should've already been following her just for the videos of Rio, but now you have even more reason, just to see her Instagram stories about trying out her girlfriend's cycling routine. Georgia Simmerling is a Canadian cyclist who wastes no opportunity to show how hard and yet so badly Labbé attempts to ride a bike balanced on two moving cylinders.

4. Toni Pressley

Pressley just made a TikTok account, but her Instagram is entertaining all by itself. She presents a pretty unique view of being a vegan athlete and her Instagram is full of her cooking adventures and the small zoo of dogs that she and Marta co-parent.

5. Marta

Speaking of Marta! This Brazilian legend boosts an impressive Instagram that is almost nothing but her dogs and singing to them in Portuguese. You HAVE to watch the latest video she and Toni posted about Marta cooking tacos. Don't ask, just watch.

6. Steph McCaffrey

Everyone's favorite Masshole (next to Sam Mewis) has been killing the game on Instagram since day one and this quarantine hasn't stopped her from continuing to provide quality content. The cherry on top are the videos she posts of her mom, which should be saved and archived in a museum somewhere, along with her Kristie Mewis roasts.

7. Kristie Mewis

And with that being said, you should absolutely being following Kristie as well. Her captions and clap backs are a gift we don't deserve.

8. Jane Campbell and Christine Nairn

I'm putting them together because they're both using their Instagram to showcase dogs looking for forever homes and I love that so much. They're both super funny as well and having them on the same team is going to provide some quality pranks in the future, if this season ever gets off the ground.

9. Ashlyn Harris

If you want dog videos, GK work out videos and Ali Kriger acting an absolute fool, you need to be following Harris IMMEDIATELY. The video she posted about Krieger trying one of her training regiments was GOLD.

10. Sydney Leroux Dwyer

TRULY SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST. I'm not even going to explain why you should be following her, just go look through her Instagram right now. You're welcome.