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A Definitive Ranking of NWSL Crests

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Over the last eight years the NWSL has seen some teams come and go, seen some great and not-so-great crests come and go, and welcomed in new teams with new crests.

I decided to take a look at the crests and then rank them in order of worst to first. Which crests are best forgotten or downplayed and which should be enlarged on a flag to wave proudly?

A few points of order before we start:

With only one exception (Reign FC/OL Reign) I am not going to be doing multiple crests from each team. For example: the Chicago Red Stars have had a redesign of their crest, but the underlying form is still there, so I went with the updated crest.

This is what I think. Some of you are going to agree and some of you are going to disagree. Leave your list in the comments below or on Twitter and let’s talk about it.


14) The Boston Breakers

I miss having the Boston Breakers in the NWSL and would like a solid ownership team to put together a Breakers 2.0.

With a new crest.

The giant soccer ball being swept up in a wave with text over the top of the wave just doesn’t do it for me. The shape is fine if not a little bland but everything else needs to be rethought if the Breakers live again.

13) FC Kansas City

I understand the desire to have something different. And the FCKC crest was different. But it was also, and I am sorry FCKC fans, ugly. It looks like someone used the melt tool in MS Paint to swirl the head.

The only saving grace of the crest is that the team name is pretty readable and it is simple enough to be drawn on things. Though with a crest like that, I'm not sure you'd want to.

12) OL Reign

Let's state the easy parts first. It looks like a lion is trying to eat a potato chip from the side.

OL buying the Reign FC, formally the Seattle Reign FC, was great for the team. But when you become part of the OL family, you have part of what makes you... well, you, stripped away.

Not only did OL get rid of one of the all-time greatest crests in soccer, but they replaced it with something that is both boring and sterile.

11) Sky Blue FC

I get it. Sky Blue has had the same crest since just after Obama moved in to the White House. It's tradition and their brand and all that.

But it's also not a great looking crest.

Don't get me started on the WPS era star that is over a crest for an NWSL team or the fact a team called "Sky Blue" doesn't have the color sky blue on their crest. It is a mix of bright orange and deep blue with a bit of white tossed in.

I am hoping with the killer kits that Sky Blue had in 2020, we might see a new crest in 2021 or 2022.

10) Orlando Pride

It's a nipple. A nipple with water gushing out of it. A nipple with water gushing out of it that is named after a place called Lake Eola. Which is too close for comfort to areola.

Purple is an underused color in the NWSL and I really do like the shade the Pride use here. But too much nipple. There is just too much nipple.

9) Houston Dash

The Dash crest is fine. It's readable. The colors don't clash. It's fine.

But sadly that's all I can say about it. It's fine. It doesn't need a rebrand, but one that is a little nicer wouldn't hurt.

If you look up "not half bad" in the dictionary you find the Dash crest.

8) Western New York Flash