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Premier League Moving to Take Over Women’s Super League

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Women’s football in Europe may see a cataclysmic shift as the clubs of the English Premier League have agreed to take over the Women’s Super League. The move paves the way for a process that could see major money flooding into the women’s game in England like never before.

Undoubtedly, English football is the wealthiest league in the world and their resources could change women’s football around the world. Already we’ve seen the progression of the English national team due to work done by Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and now Manchester United. This would add even more money from clubs that have yet to fully throw their weight behind the cause.

The next step for the clubs will be a feasibility study that could take some time to finish. No major changes are expected this season, but team’s could start supplying resources in an unofficial capacity at any point.

Currently the Football Association runs the Women’s Super League, which would mean they need to hand off the day-to-day operations to the once outlaw Premier League. Last year they increased investment in the game by 50 million pounds over the next six years and have a significant interest in the game’s growing success.

(Note: The English Premier League works with the FA but is not a part of them after breaking away due to revenue disagreements in the early 1990s.)

Recent promotions of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have boosted the league’s notoriety as well as a 10 million pound sponsorship from Barclays. With that said, the league did suffer a bit of a setback in 2018-19 with attendance dropping below 1,000. However, teams did see the massive ratings associated with the English Women’s team advancing to the World Cup semi-final and are ready to broaden the scope with better broadcasting deals, sponsorships and even games being played in EPL stadiums.

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