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What We're Reading in Women's Soccer This Week: Week 1

What's up, guys! August has arrived, leaving a flurry of women's soccer activity behind it. The NWSL Chaos Cup may be over, but there's still plenty to read about the successful tournament.

Ian Knighton was actually able to attend the semifinals. He was able to see firsthand what precautions the league took in the stadium, as well as recount a fun string of comedic misfortunes one can tend to have. Here's what he had to say.

Charles Olney put together a best XI for the Challenge Cup. Even with a few superstars missing, as well as some unfortunate injuries, there were some surprising standouts! Olney offers his thoughts on each top player and why they made an impression on him.

Annie Costabile of the Chicago Sun-Times talked to the Chicago Red Stars' owner about his team in the Challenge Cup. The Red Stars got off to a rocky start, so to end up in the final was nothing short of surprising. Costabile also covered what the owner thinks the future of the NWSL could look like.

Sandra Herrera talked to the Orlando Pride's Carson Pickett about her deal with Nike designing soccer cleats. Pickett is a beloved player in Orlando, as well as a role model to kids with similar disabilities. Herrera provides a wonderful insight into Pickett and how the deal with Nike came to be.

Saving the best for last, RJ Allen takes us down memory lane as she ranks the crests of the NWSL. Along with the new kids, she also talks about some old friends we've lost along the way. She also touches on crests that have been reborn...although maybe not in the way everyone would've hoped.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


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