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What We're Reading in Women's Soccer This Week: Week 2

Hey, guys! Here's what's happening in women's soccer this week:

Sophie Lawson gives a detailed look at women's soccer happening in Europe and what it means for those leagues starting up again.

Heading down south to Mexico, Liga MX Femenil has also restarted its season, and Eugene Rupinski gives readers a delightful rundown of the league and the teams, including how to pick which team to root for.

Charles Olney gives a persuasive argument for the NWSL having a Challenge Cup every year and how it could benefit everyone, perhaps extend the season and add one more trophy.

Annie Costabile talks about the Chicago Local 134 doubling its membership and what that means not just for the Red Stars, but for the supporter groups of other teams.

Allison Cary takes us across the world to Japan, where she talks about the national team and what it's been able to accomplish despite so many obstacles.

And finally, RJ Allen gives a rundown of the good, bad and truly furtable things happening in women's soccer.

And that's what you missed on Glee!

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