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What We're Reading in Women's Soccer This Week; Week 3

What's up guys!! School has (virtually) started back, so this week, it's all about learning!

Charles touches on a particular hill that I'm determined to die on, and talks about the NWSL and its distinct lack of female coaches and what needs to be done about that.

Eugene Rupinski covers week 2 of Liga MX Femenil. Orlando Pride readers will be pleasantly surprised to hear of a former Pride player doing quite well for herself down in Mexico.

Meg Linehan and Paul Tenorio break big news outta Cali; they're getting a second team! I can smell the rivalry brewing now as they share all the juicy details here.

Last but certainly not least! We had a LOT of trades within the last week, and Dan Lauletta keeps us all up to date on those comings and goings.

Julia Poe keeps nervy Pride fans abreast of what's going on with the club as it seems a total of 10 players are seeking temporary new destinies overseas. Poe also spoke to Amanda Duffy about the state of the club, weathering a rough "season" and what's on the horizons for this tenacious team.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


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