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What We're Reading In Women's Soccer; Week 7

Happy Monday, y'all! Only eight days until the official start of fall! This week we're going to check in on how England's league is faring with the new addition of USWNT players before hitting the rest of the world.

Malachy Clerkin talks about the recent addition of national team players such as Pernille Harder and Alex Morgan and what that means not only for the teams they joined, but the league itself.

Kieran Yap explains the changes to the salary cap, COVID-19 and how having a full season has helped put England over the top in terms of being the league everyone wants to play for.

Meg Linehan explains that no, the NWSL is not going to fold anytime soon and why having so many Americans players going overseas is good for both the NWSL and FA WSL.

Kristen Saibini travels to Finland to catch up with former national team player and current Vice President of the Football Association of Finland, Katri Mattsson.

Allison Cary talks about Spain's league, Primera División, their homegrown talent, international talent and overall how exciting the league is to watch.

Eugene Rupinski provides the latest update on the Liga MX Femenil, including some close games and down right blow-outs.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


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