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What We're Reading in Women's Soccer; Week 9

It has been a week y'all, so let's get to it.

Allison Cary takes us to Jordan, and explores their national team, their history and what they hope to achieve.

Steve Hamlin talks to Bethany Balcer about anxiety and mental health in athletes and why it's so important that everyone be able to be upfront and honest about what they're going through.

Katie Gornall and Katie Falkingham talk to Quinn, the NWSL's first openly transgender player, what their experience has been since coming out and what they hope to achieve moving forward.

Falkingham, along with Jane Dougall and Kate McKenna, talk to Kaiya McCullough about her decision to play in Germany, how her mental health played a role in it and how she's doing now.

Jo Currie caught up with Tobin Heath about her move to Manchester United, adjusting to the English league and what made her pick Man U.

Likewise, Suzanne Wrack talks about Alex Morgan's move to England, what the immediate impact her presence as been and what to look forward to.

Rounding out Americans abroad, Sandra Herrera gives us insight to Christen Press, her move to England after QUITE a year and what she hopes to gain.

And that's what you missed on Glee!

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