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What You Missed This Week in WoSo Social Media

Women’s soccer Twittersphere pumps out some great content. From funny to informative and thought provoking to “huh, I didn’t know that,” the content give you a glimpse into the latest happenings around the women’s soccer world. Did you miss any of these social posts from around the women’s soccer world last week?

A Zero We Like

If you watched any of the NWSL Challenge Cup you know what a feat it was to go through the ENTIRE tournament, 23 games and more than 2,000 tests, with zero positive COVID-19 tests. The NWSL gave a much-deserved thank you to all the medical staff for the testing during the tournament. As other sports team launch into their “seasons” we also think our very own Charles Olney hit the nail on the head with his Tweet. While many fans wanted to see more goals through the final few games, I think we can all agree this is one zero we are ok with seeing.

Take Two Did this post make you do a double take? Sky Blue FCs McCall Zerboni posted a series of photos with her twin sister, Blake, who also played soccer at UCLA. Being a twin myself and playing college soccer with my sister at Fresno State, I can say that McCall’s caption in this photo about being a twin in spot on. What other NSWL-ers have twins? Sky Blue FCs Sabrina Flores, the Red Stars’ Alyssa Naher and the Reign’s Megan Rapinoe.

The Champs Are In the Building The NWSL Challenge Cup proved these athletes weren't going to let COVID-19 stop the celebration, and it's always fun to see champions get the fanfare they deserve. The Houston Dash held a drive through parade giving fans a chance to show them some love and this car full of fans knew just how to give the champs a reward they deserve.

Akers Proves She's Still a Badass

Two-time World Champ and Olympic Gold Medalist, Michelle Akers, has always been known for her fearlessness and a recent encounter with a rabid bobcat at her Georgia home was no different. Akers protected her dogs and barn from the bobcat all while nursing a broken leg. Take a look at her horse's face in this post, it’ll make your heart melt. Glad to hear everybody in the Akers household is safe and sound.

She’s (coming) baaacccckkk

Alex Morgan, who gave birth to her daughter on May 7, is back on the pitch getting work in. That Florida heat has nothing on Morgan!


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