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What You Missed This Week in WoSo Social Media

Women’s soccer social media pumps out some great content. From funny to informative and thought provoking to “huh, I didn’t know that,” the content gives you a glimpse into the latest happenings around the women’s soccer world. Did you miss any of these social posts from the women’s soccer world over the last two weeks? Prepping for the Fall While many conferences postponed their traditional NCAA fall seasons due to COVID-19, the ACC is moving ahead with a season - with some changes. While the season will look vastly different, the Hoos, as part of the ACC, will play a schedule consisting of conference games. An interview with Head Coach Steve Swanson gives us insight into how this season is unlike any other and how his team is using an extended preseason to get ready.

Cudjoe’s Road to the NWSL While the majority of NWSL-ers took a “traditional” route to the league from a soccer-prominent college or Youth National Team experience, Sky Blue’s Jennifer Cudjoe took a different route. Cudjoe grew up in Ghana and ended up playing at three small schools during her college career due to NCAA issues with her international background. But from there she created her own training and workouts, eventually attended an open tryout for Sky Blue in February of this year, and made the final roster for the Challenge Cup. Goes to show you there is no one way to get your dreams accomplished.

And on Friday, Cudjoe announced the Sky Blue signed her to a contract extension.

Legend Status

The Telegraph did a fantastic interview with Formiga, the 42-year old Brazilian who has shown no signs of slowing down. Not only has she played in seven (seven!) Women’s World Cups (a record for men or women), she recently became the oldest player to score in the Women’s Champions League. She played in her first World Cup in 1995 at the age of 17, and is still going strong as a member of Paris-St. Germain.

Put Her In, Coach

We all know Sam Kerr can play. But it looks like she has some basketball skills, too. Team media/photo days are always good for a fun look into the less often seen side of players, and it results in gems like this.

Trick Shots Galore A perfect use of a throwback Thursday – members of the U17 New Zealand Women’s National team put together a clip of some pretty impressive trick shots while they were in their first lockdown due to COVID-19.


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