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Women's soccer could use some more pro fouls.
Hosted by RJ Allen, André Carlisle, and Rachael Kriger. Produced by Ian Knighton.

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Episode 4

But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted

Backline Soccer is 4 years old, Kelly O'Hara is just a little bit older.

- US Soccer Still Wants to Control Rose Lavelle

    - Sam Mewis is confirmed, but US Soccer wants to tell a Premier League side what they can and can't do with Rose Lavelle.

    - What does this mean for USWNT players that want to go abroad?

    - Is it time for the NWSL to change their relationship with the federation?

- Players That Should Come to NWSL

    - Rachael's List:

        - Costa Rican Wish List

            - Daniela Cruz

            - Lixy Rodríguez

            - Dinnia Díaz

        - Obligatory Russian:

            - Kseniya Kovalenko

    - RJ's List:

        - Formiga

        - Stina Blackstenius

    - André's List:

        - Ji So-yun

        - Bethany England

        - Khadija "Bunny" Shaw

- A Discussion on NWSL Teams, Past and Present